MadMax in mountians

This is the case when I myself found a model for the shooting and offered a photo session.
Alena immediately agreed and just threw in the idea of how she had long dreamed of taking pictures.
The idea was in the steampunk style mixed with Mad Max, but how to integrate it into the mountains and snowboarding…

In moments like this, just trust my imagination!

In a few days, I threw in ideas for references, found accessories for rent, and it seems that everything should already happen, but NOOOO! Either the accessories are out of size, now the gear is gone, and then the rains have started to pour in. Well, at least the design of the board has already been developed! 😫

We waited for this shooting for 1.5 months!

As a result, Alena calls, and already upset says 

- “Let’s just take a beautiful picture, well, as usual”
- “As usual, everyone can, but we will have a bomb photoset, which no one has filmed here in the mountains yet, ” I encouraged her.

I reassign the day and together we go to a fabric store, bought something, tried it on on the spot and decided that it would be cool! A gorgeous example of trusting a photographer! Thank you for filming!

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